Red Cardinal Throw Pillow



I really, REALLY miss watching and photographing the hummingbirds we hosted last summer while living in Missouri. The hummers were so inquisitive, not afraid to fly near you, and were a very relaxing means of unwinding from the day’s troubles.

Unfortunately, I’ve not had any luck luring the hummers to our home in Mobile. So I’ve resorted to another birdwatching pastime by hanging seed bird feeders near the back door.  After trying unsuccessfully to sit and wait (with camera in hand) on the beautiful cardinals, finches, blue jays and doves to come and feed, I finally gave up on trying to capture these magnificent creatures…they just would not come close while I was in their space.

A couple of weeks ago it dawned on me to use my radio trigger and tripod to shoot the birds…that way I could remain inside near a window to observe, but not spook them from feeding. It’s been a hit or miss adventure so far, but this weekend I was able to get in a few shots.  Hopefully as the birds grow more accustomed to the camera near the feeders, they will become less fearful and I will be able to capture more of their antics.  Stay tuned!

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A Mushroom by Any Other Name

With so much rain the last few days, mushrooms are cropping up in the yard.  Their cute little umbrella tops sticking up out of the green of the grass are hard for a photographer’s eye to resist. So of course, I indulged–even laying down on the ground to get a good angle.

I actually had two mushrooms to choose from during this shoot, but unfortunately during my setup, my dog (who can’t see very well these days) stumbled over the very one I wanted to capture and smashed it to smithereens.  Oh well. At least I rescued the other before she could ruin my opportunity!

Taken with a Canon EOS 40D. Focal length: 53mm. ISO 320. Exposure: 1/40 @ f/4.5. © vh_creativephoto / All rights reserved.

Taken with a Canon EOS 40D. Focal length: 50mm. ISO 400. Exposure: 1/60 @ f/4.5. © vh_creativephoto / All rights reserved.


Paperwhite Butterfly Collection

If you like butterflies, you will certainly enjoy this collection of Paperwhites. Add pizzazz to your special event or just enjoy an everyday dining experience with these beautiful and majestic creatures.

She's Not a Morning Kind of Girl

She’s a sleepy head. When the alarm goes off, she doesn’t even twitch a muscle. She MIGHT open one eye and peer at me to find out WHY I’m disturbing her so early in the morning–after all, it’s still very dark outside the window and why should anyone be up if the sun isn’t shining???

As I roll out of bed, I envy her being able to sleep in. I’m not a morning person either–and 5:30 AM comes a bit early for me. SHE gets to be lazy. SHE is living a good life, dog gone it!

Oh well, I suppose the fact that I’m working provides her the life she’s come to know and expect. Lazy days, squirrels to chase, Daddy play time, chewing on a bone, and multiple naps through the day.

It’s a dog’s life.


Sights of Spring

Officially, it’s spring time.  Unofficially, south Alabama has moved from summer to summer without much of a winter OR spring break. We’ve been seeing highs in the 80’s already!

No matter the temps we humans feel, it’s still spring to the bird life. Chirping and tweeting and singing and such fill the air in our backyard and nests are popping up everywhere. It’s the cycle of life that goes on everywhere. Happy Spring, everyone!